Ms. Erdenechimeg Ulziisuren, Founder & President, and Oyuna Jukov, Membership Chair of Mongolian Evaluation Association had attended the the 36th Annual Conference of the American Evaluation Association in New Olreans, USA.
Ms. Erdenechimeg Ulziisuren, Founder & President, presented with a topic: “Call for transmitting a legacy of evaluation practice to the emerging countries: Mongolia.” It was a great opportunity to engage, learn & network with many of the experienced evaluators, VOPEs and organizations, so that we could support young and emerging evaluators, advance the theory, practice, professionalization and institutionalization of evaluation in Mongolia.

Sharing here the presentation done by Ms.Erdenechimeg Ulziisuren, Founder & President of Mongolian Evaluation Association, at the American Evaluation Conference 2022 in New Orleans, USA.

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Sharing some memorable pictures during the conference.