We are delighted to present our 7 Topical Interest Group (TIG) that will be operating in 2023 along with their description and Leadership biographies. TIG is a platform where our members are united with their interest of evaluation topic and dig further to get specialized by learning from and sharing with each other and broader evaluation community and experts. Our members can join up to 5 TIGs of the following-mentioned 7 TIGs in order to expand their knowledge and network in their interested evaluation topic.

  1. Costs, Benefits & Economic and Financial Evaluation
  2. Quantitative Evaluation Methods
  3. Climate Change (Environmental Evaluation)
  4. Health Sector Evaluation
  5. Public Policy Evaluation Advocacy (National evaluation policy advocacy)
  6. Social Impact Measurement and Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG)
  7. Organizational and System Evaluation