The first Mongolian Evaluation Case Competition (2023)

Here comes our 1st Mongolian Evaluation Case Competition inspired by the World Evaluation Case Competition’s Asian Champions – Aspirants Mongolia Team – young evaluators of Mongolian Evaluation Association. Attention Bachelor’s and Master’s students! Don’t miss the chance to showcase your evaluation skills at the Mongolian Evaluation Case Competition (MECC).To register We would like to thank our […]

Learning Session #10, 2023

We are excited to invite you to Mongolian Evaluation Association’s Learning Session 2023#10 in which we are hosting 1st of 4 series titled “An Introduction to Complexity and the Evaluation of Poverty Programs” featuring renowned evaluation expert Dr. @Michael Bamberger, Senior Research Fellow, Dr. Raymond Gervais – International M&E consultant (RBM) and Amartuvshin Tserennadmid, a […]

Call to action

[Call to action] – Sign the Manifesto to meaningfully engage youth and young evaluators in evaluation…– Adopt Standards to enhance youth engagement in evaluation are launching at the Youth in Evaluation week!25 Apr: Standards for governments & academia26 Apr: Standards for intl org & private sector28 Apr: Standards for youth org & VOPEsRegister:… #Eval4Action#monevalassoc#youthinc#EvalYouth#EvalYouthAsia